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Tulane NROTC Alumni Association Archive Project

The Association has embarked on a project to preserve and display the history of those commissioned at the Tulane NROTC unit.  Tulane University and the NROTC Unit are in the process of authorizing the modification of a room in the Navy Building that will be used for the archive.  The room is located adjacent to the drill deck and will have a door added to facilitate easy access. (The door is now installed!)

The archive project is still in its infancy.  The archive will initially contain all available issues of the Taffrail Log, oral histories of Tulane NROTC World War II veterans on audio CDs, and written class histories of  commissioning classes that have submitted histories.

The archive room will be furnished in a manner that will allow visitors to comfortably view or listen to the material.  Future improvements may provide a method to access much of the material over the internet thus allowing a virtual visit.  Additionally, there are plans to solicit class histories of all commissioning classes and to record oral histories from Tulane NROTC veterans of subsequent wars.

Anyone who wishes to assist in the gathering of material for the archive or wishes to support the project in any other way, please contact the Alumni Webmaster.





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