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1944 Historical Material

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Audio of 50 Year Reunion Medallion Presentation   Arthur W. Foss, Jr. Warren E. Ibele
    Frederick Steven Ellis Henry LeRoy Johns, Jr.
    Henry LeRoy Johns, Jr. Naval Journal (8MB) Judge Thomas C. Wicker, Jr. (ret)
    Richard L. Pastorek  
1944 Oral Histories (streaming audio/video)
Name/Class/Audio Durtion (H:M:S) Real Player*   Media Player
FANT, NORRIS L. /1944 /1:21:44 (Click for Synopsis) Audio or Audio
FOSS, JR., ARTHUR W. /1944 /2:34:10 (Click for Synopsis) Audio or Audio
HARVEY, JR., THEO H.  /1944 /0:22:04 Video or


JOHNS, JR.,  HENRY L. "ROY" /1944 /1:41:21 (recorded by National WWII Museum - posted with Mr. Johns' permission) Video or


MCCONNELL, JAMES L. /1944 /0:55:22 (Click for Synopsis) Audio or Audio
NOLAN, WARREN J. /1944 /1:33:48 Audio or Audio
WICKER, JR., THOMAS C. /1944 /1:42:06 Audio or Audio
WRIGHT, EDWIN S. /1944 /0:45:54 (Click for Synopsis) Audio or Audio

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