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Flag Officers and General Officers who Graduated from the Tulane NROTC Unit
Class Rank Name Service Note BIOs, etc.  (may link to other sites)
1983 RADM Richard P. Snyder USN Aviation (Click Here)
1982 BGen Roger R. Machut USMC   (Click Here)
1981 LtGen David H. Berger USMC   (Click Here)
1976 RDML James W. Stevenson, Jr. USN   (Click Here)
1973 RDML James B. Godwin, III USN Aviation (Click Here)
1970 RADM James M. Walley, Jr. USN (Ret.) CEC (Click Here)
1965 RADM Noah H. Long, Jr. USN (Ret.) CEC (Click Here)
1958 RADM Eric A. McVadon, Jr. USN (Ret.) Aviation (Click Here)
1955 RADM Thomas .G. Lilly USN (Ret.) Supply Corps (Click Here)
1951 RADM Alexander Jackson, III USN (Ret.) Supply Corps  
1947 RADM Charles H. Mayfield USN (Ret.) Supply Corps  
1945 RADM Reuben Goodwin Rogerson USN (Ret.) Surface (Click Here)
1944 RADM Otho Douglas Schumann USN (Ret.)   Obit.

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