Personal Data

  • Native of New Orleans
  • Graduated Jesuit High School
  • Tulane Class of 1942, College of Commerce, Beta Gama Sigma
  • USMC

Assignments / Engagements

  • New Orleans Airport: Elimination-Based (E-Base) training. Member of Black Wing.  Responsible for construction of new air base.  Passed through E-base with 4 hours solo time—6 short of normal requirements.

  • Corpus Christi, TX; Flight Training: Successfully complete ground school and flight training at Corpus Christi.  Received Commission in 1941.  Saw Marines were going to be flying B-26s, and applied.  Marine Corps eventually scrapped program.  Made Marine Naval Aviators instructors.  Transferred from Corpus to Dallas, TX.

  • Dallas, TX; Flight Instructing: Taught Primary Flight School.  Instructed Central and South American aviators.  Involved in severe plane crash that left him with, “injuries, multiple extreme.”  Included 2 broken legs, one broken arm, and loss of sight in his right eye.  Attributes much to the Navy doctors.  Very pleased with medical care he received.  Transferred to New Orleans Hospital for rehabilitation.

  • Paris Island, SC; Marine Corps Air Station: Promoted to Captain, and given the billet of Operations Officer for air station.  Attached to Headquarters Squadron who supplied squadrons going overseas.  Given Recreation Officer billet.  Later given command of Paris Island Air/Sea Rescue.

Other Notable Content

  • Detailed and rich accounts of experiences in Tulane University’s Naval ROTC Plank Class.
  • Noteworthy anecdotes from time served at Paris Island MAS.  Interesting insight into service on the home front during World War II.

Synopsis prepared by MIDN 4/C Waddington Class of 2014

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