Personal Data

  • Howson, Jr., W. Scott
  • US Naval Reserve
  • Tulane NROTC, Tulane University (1st ROTC Class)
  • Class of 1942

Historical Events

  • World War II Atlantic Theater and South Pacific Theater

Assignments / Engagements

  • USS Wyoming, BB 32, Gunnery Training
  • Virginia Beach, Fire-fighting School
  • USS Ericson, DD 440, Assistant Communication Officer, Assistant 1st Lieutenant in charge of hull, Machine Gun Officer
  • Convoy Escort from US to Gibraltar through October 1942
  • USS Ericson transferred to British control to support operations at Anzio
  • OPERATION OVERLORD, participated as a landing craft deployment vessel
  • USS Currier, DE-700, Assistant Executive Officer
  • Participated in invasion of southern France
  • USS Currier transferred to South Pacific
  • Served as a mile post for B-29s
  • Invasions of Northern Philippines, Iwo Jima and Okinawa

Other Notable Content

  • Insight into the political situation at Tulane University prior to WWII
  • Witness of the Hiroshima bombing
  • Transport of a Saudi Arabian king

Synopsis prepared by MIDN 4/C Holmquist Class of 2014

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