Personal Data

  • Allen B. Koltun, USN
  • Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1943
  • BA Business
  • Commissioned October 1943
  • Louisiana Native

Historical Events

  • WW II

Assignments / Engagements

  • Pacific Ocean Convoy
    • Was assigned to the USS SC-1028 (Submarine Chaser, SC-497 Class) but didn’t find it until 60 days later
    • 10 days sailing to Pearl Harbor from San Francisco
    • 09FEB1944, Transferred to a cargo vessel and was put in charge of Landing craft for tanks
    • Naval Civil Engineering Group (Seabees), Large troop transport headed to Kwajelein
    • Found SC-102 late March 1944
  • On board SC-1028
    • 3rd in command- Navigation
    • Assigned as XO
    • Promoted to LTJG OCT1944 in Enewetak
    • Assigned as CO – in charge of 28 Men (CO for 11 months)
    • Service Fleet
    • Operations: Convoy across Pacific, One Invasion, patrolling, and used sound gear to support fleet ships

Other Notable Content

  • All the men on is ship survived
  • The NROTC training saved his life
  • The USS SC-1028 was relieved to the Coast Guard

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