Personal Data

  • Arthur W. Foss, JR CDR, USN (Ret)
  • Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944
  • BS Chemistry
  • Commissioned 1984
  • Louisiana Native

Historical Events

  • WW II Pacific Theater
  • Korean War Homefront

Assignments / Engagements

  • Pacific Theater WWII
    • Joined NROTC unit at age of 16. Enlisted in February 1942 at the age of 17.
    • Went to an accelerated officer-training program in 1943. Eventually commissioned three days after the Tulane NROTC seniors to give them seniority.
    • As a 19 year old 1st LT, he went to school for two weeks to learn the basics of the job and then was assigned to an LST in the Chesapeake bay for training until 1944.
    • Shipped over to central pacific theatre where he saw action at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. When the war ended they were preparing for the invasion of Japan.
    • Spent the rest of that part of his career transporting troops, both American and Japanese, back to Japan. Was eventually promoted to the position of CO but continued doing the same task.
  • Homefront
    • Returned to Tulane to finish getting his degree. Also attended night classes to supplement his college education. Spent three years furthering his education.
    • 1951 joined active navy reserve; Air Intelligence Officer in training in New Orleans. Became first CO of that unit when they qualified for full duty after four years.
    • Retired in 1965

Other Notable Content

  • Since there were no ships available for NROTC summer cruises, midshipmen went to Corpus Christi, TX, instead.
  • Decided to stay on US soil for Korean War (in part) due to the availability of lettuce.
  • Had the experience of transporting former Japanese prisoners of war on his ship. 800-900 Japanese on his ship compared to only 125 American sailors.
  • Lists several interesting experiences he had as a SWO, although they are mostly funny as opposed to being truly notable.
  • Offers opinions on the atomic bomb and civilian casualties during wartime.

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