Personal Data

  • Edwin S. Wright, USN (Ret)
  • Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944
  • BS Civil Engineering, Southern Methodist University
  • Commissioned February 1944 at 20 years old.

Historical Events

  • World War II, Pacific Theater
  • Korean War

Assignments / Engagements

  • Amphibious training in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Invasion at Mindoro.
  • Invasion at Okinawa
  • Gunnery Officer on LST 578
  • Skipper of LCI 446
  • Skipper of LST 666
  • Leyte Gulf Operation
  • He was recalled in 1950 for two years of duty during the Korean War.
  • Eight years active duty, Twenty-six years Naval reserve, retired 1976.

Other Notable Content

  • Witnessed the USS Mt. Hood blow up along with the DE accompanying it during a landing in New Guinea. This was due to careless ammo handling.
  • On the way to the invasion in the Philippines he saw a kamikaze hit an ammo ship. His ship shot down 3 Japanese planes.
  • On VJ day he remembered was between Leyte and Amaroo. He felt we saved a lot of lives on both sides by using the atomic bomb.
  • He witnessed a sister ship sunk by torpedo in column formation.

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