Personal Data

  • Ernest P. Johnson, JR, CAPT USN (Ret)
  • Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942
  • Commissioned 1942
  • Louisiana Native

Historical Events

  • WW II

Assignments / Engagements

  • Started active duty in 1942  on the USS Portland along with two other Tulane midshipmen.
  • November 1944 promoted to Lt Junior Grade, was a division officer then an assistant gunnery officer, and later sent to support the 24th regiment in 1945 land invasion with marines.
  • Battle of Salvo Island on 20 October 1945. Embarked on the USS Oakland anti air-craft vessel. Protected carrier enterprise from aerial attack during 5 engagements.
  • On USS Portland participated in five major Naval engagements, lost 200-300 people during these engagements.  While on the USS Portland a torpedo struck the ship near where he was standing and the impact lifted him off the deck.
  • October 1948 transferred to the submarine reserve.
  • Retired 1972

Other Notable Content

  • Battleships often ruined formations due to slow speed.
  • Torpedoes were very unreliable during the war due to inaccuracy and often circled and sometimes came back at the attacker.
  • Ships had poor water tight integrity; if it was hit below water line flooding would occur.
  • Sub torpedo were ineffective.
  • Viewed World War 2 as a easy war to participate in because the country was behind them.
  • Believes that a WW3 will happen with China because they are an extreme danger the world.

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