Personal Data

  • James L. Mcconnell, USN
  • Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944
  • BS in Geology from Tulane University, 1948
  • Commissioned 1942

Historical Events

  • World War II

Assignments / Engagements

  • Atlantic Theater:
    • Was assigned to a ship in the north Atlantic whose mission was mine sweeping but was there for only two months.
    • Went to Miami anti-sub school to learn how to use sonar for two months.
    • Then was moved to Key West to instruct other officers on submarine warfare if the attack came to the States.
    • Next he was stationed to Columbia University to teach Midshipmen about Navigation for a year and did not enjoy it.
  • Pacific Theater:
    • He tried to apply for submarine warfare in the North Atlantic but was assigned to Okinawa as a Yard Patrol (YP).
    • He was the CO of a single screw wooden hull ship with three 50. Cal. and was only a Lieutenant Junior Grade. While he was there he practiced using depth charges for anti submarine warfare but also carried provisioned foods to marine bases around the area.
    • During Christmas his ship broke down in the China sea where the Japanese had just laid down mines in the north so he had to steer his ship though a mine field while shooting a few that got in their way and drifted towards Shang Hi, were he was found and towed back to port and stuck there for six months.

Other Notable Content

  • July 4, 1946 after four years in the Navy he was discharged and joined the reserves for another two years in a command group.
  • During one of his liberty leaves in China he said he was on his way back to the ship when two Chinese guys in a car pulled up and offered him a ride. Two blocks before the dock they stopped and they pointed a 45 at him and robbed him and then let him go.

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