Personal Data

  • Spalding Kenan Manson, JR, LT, USN
  • Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942
  • BS Civil Engineering
  • Commissioned 1942

Historical Events

  • World War II, Atlantic and Pacific Theaters

Assignments / Engagements

  • Atlantic Theater:
    • USS TEXAS, BB 35, gunnery junior officer in turret #1.
    • Escort convoys to Freetown, Sierra Leone and Prestwick, Scotland.
    • Assigned to admiral’s staff (Commander Battleships Atlantic Fleet – COMBATLANT) as a decoder – Admiral’s staff embarked in USS TEXAS; Escort convoy to Casablanca to reinforce Gen. George Patton;  First amphibious invasion.
    • Transfer with admiral’s staff to USS SOUTH DAKOTA, BB 57; Deploy with British Fleet, to contain German battleship TIRPITZ in Norway, from Scapa Flow base, Orkney Isles, and guard Murmansk convoys.
    • Transfer to USS SOUTH DAKOTA (at own request) in Norfolk, to engineering department and damage control – proceed to South Pacific.
  • Pacific Theater:
    • USS SOUTH DAKOTA BB57, Electrical Officer; Participated in island hopping campaigns against Japanese; Tarawa, Kwajalein, Okinawa.
    • May 1945 assigned to NROTC Unit, Univ. of Texas, Austin until Navy tour of duty was finished. Offered a promotion to LCDR to remain in service, but offered a good construction job in family business so he declined.  Discharged to civilian life.

Other Notable Content

  • Battleship torpedo evasion tactics
  • Led Electrical Division through challenging 36 hour re-build of drive motor for gun turret between engagements
  • USS SOUTH DAKOTA attacked by lone Japanese bomber, 27 men killed, US Marines impressive quick action on damage control and everything they do.

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