Kimberly Foster, Ph. D.

Kimberly Foster arrived at Tulane in August 2018 to assume responsibilities as Dean, School of Science and Engineering (SS&E). Association members Brian Bourgeois (82) and Tom Dolan (75) met with Dean Foster  to discuss the role of SS&E in attracting Midshipman candidates to Tulane Naval ROTC. NROTC scholarships are allocated across three tiers of degree. Additional SS&E  tier 1  degree programs would provide more opportunities for NROTC scholarships. Engineering degree programs are tier 1.

Dean Foster was pleased to discuss her plans and issues related to increasing the number of Engineering programs in the context of Tulane’s focus on interdisciplinary studies and the national trends regarding Engineering programs. Our emphasis was on the historic relationship between Tulane and the US Navy including the financial benefits to TU and the opportunity to re-interest a large group of alumni.

Specific outcomes:

  • Dean Foster will meet  Captain Senesky to understand US Navy policy
  • We are alert to potential visits by the Commander Naval Services Training Command. When such a visit occurs our goal is to link Dean Foster in to the agenda.
  • As NROTC alumni we are encouraged to communicate with Dean Foster, participate in SS&E events and otherwise engage with TU leadership to emphasize the importance of tier 1 degree programs to the future of Tulane Naval ROTC.

Mission of Tulane School of Science and Engineering

The mission of the Tulane University School of Science and Engineering is to provide outstanding opportunities for learning and discovery in science and engineering and to foster an environment that is student focused, research intensive, interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and responsive to the needs of the community.

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