Early morning on 9 April, 2019, the Tulane NROTC Battalion formed up on the Tulane University Center Quad for the annual Change of Command and Awards Ceremony.

The Change of Command was the first order of business with Midn 1/C William Pankey being relieved of command and Midn 2/C Samuel Beal taking the helm as the new Battalion Commander.  A Pass in Review impressed the crowd gathered for the event.

The midshipmen then fell into a close formation for the Awards Ceremony.  The Alumni Association presented our two awards, the LCDR Jack Wintle and the General Robert H. Barrow Awards, and sponsored a third, the Chalfant Aviation Award, this year.  The LCDR Jack Wintle Award goes to an exceptional senior Navy option and the General Robert H. Barrow Award goes to an outstanding senior Marine Option.  Tim Huete, the alumni association president, was at the ceremony to present these deserving midshipmen with these honors.

The Wintle Award went to Midshipman 1/C Anna Louise Dahl.  She hails from Sacramento, CA, and graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Environmental Earth Science with a minor in English.  She was assigned to Flight School in Pensacola after graduation and is looking forward to a career in Aviation.   One of the  unit events she especially enjoyed were the end-of-the-year Dining Outs.  Her fondest memories of New Orleans are of the Second Lines.

The Barrow Award went to Midshipman 1/C Bradley Reber.  He hails from Memphis, TN, and graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Economics and German Studies.  As a Marine Option, he went to The Basic School after commissioning, and will pursue a career in aviation.  He cites his camaraderie with his fellow Marine options as his best NROTC memory, along with fishing in Louisiana.

Midshipman 1/C William Pankey was presented with the Chalfant Aviation Award which is given to a graduating senior who plans to go into the aviation community.   He hails from Birmingham, AL, and graduated from Tulane University with a degree in International Relations and Asian Studies.  After commissioning he was assigned to Flight School in Pensacola, FL.   He loved Mardi Gras, and his best NROTC moment was being on the Color Guard for the Bacchus Ball when KISS performed.

We wish all the best for the young men and women who received awards.

Awards and Recipients

New Orleans DAR National Defense Gold Medal                Midn 4/C Jason Florentino

Leonard S Isacks, Jr. Memorial Award                                Midn 4/C Anastasia Sheils

The R Ruffin Chap, Col. Dames of the 17th Cent Award      Midn 4/C Mark Shreve

USAA Spirit Award                                                                Midn 3/C Stephen O’Keefe

Nat’l Def Chmn, Nat’l Soc of Daug of the Founders and Patriots of Amer Award

Midn 3/C Lilith Harris

Mil Officers Assoc of America Award                                  Midn 3/C Rachel Goldkamp

National Sojourners Award                                                  Midn 3/C Jack Kempf

Spirit of ’76, Daug of the Amer Revolution: Flag of the USA Award

Midn 3/C Ashton Elder

The Society of the Cincinnati Award                                   Midn 3/C Lexi Mattson

The Military Order of Foreign Wars: WWII Award            Midn 3/C Brett Hargis

The Military of the World Wars Award of Merit                Midn 3/C Matthew Drury

Midn 2/C Samuel Beal

Geo Washington Chap, LA Soc of the Sons of the Amer Revolution Award

Midn 2/C Bryna Loranger

Nat’l Soc US Daughters of 1812 Award                               Midn 2/C Isabella Mastendino

KC 4th Deg, Bienville Asm 314 Award                                 Midn 2/C Jack Gibbons

American VFW Award                                                          Midn 2/C Sean Panish

CAPT J W McCarter Award                                                   Midn 2/C Nicole Trusty

Gr NO Counc of the Navy League’s Capt J T Katz Award    Midn 1/C Christian Boyd

CNO Distinguished Midn Award                                          Midn 1/C Bradley Reber

Am Legion Post 307 Award for Academic Excellence       Midn 1/C Chloe Hoffmann

Am Legion Post 307 Award for Military Excellence          Midn 1/C Joseph Mahler

NROTC Alum Assn Wintle Award                                        Midn 1/C Anna Louise Dahl

NROTC Alum Assn Barrow Award                                       Midn 1/C Bradley Reber

LCDR M D Chalfant Award                                                   Midn 1/C William Pankey

Commodore Thomas J. Lupo Award                                    Midn 1/C Joseph Mahler

Marine Corps Support Group of NO Award                           Midn 1/C Bradley Reber

The Cluverius Cup                                                                 Midn 1/C William Pankey

The Tulane President’s Cup                                                Midn 1/C Bradley Reber

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