The Alumni Association, through generous donations from various members, was able to sponsor two midshipmen to attend the Notre Dame Leadership Conference in South Bend, Indiana.  MIDN 2/C Trusty and MIDN 2/C Mastendino came away with a wonderful learning experience and gave special thanks to alumni sponsors John Stelly,  James McGowan, and Fritz Teuscher.

From 7-10 February 2019, the two midshipmen joined their peers from around the country.  They heard speakers from all walks of the military life and gained greater insights into what is happening in the world as related to the military—particularly the Navy and Marine Corps—and some excellent advice on personnel management and relationships.

Impressive speakers included Fleet Master Chief O’Rawe, Captain William E. Mountford II, and Rear Admiral Jeffrey Jablon from the Navy and Marine Lieutenant General John F. Sattler.  To always keep learning, value being part of a team, and continually work to be a good professional leader were points emphasized during the seminars and panel discussions.