The Alumni Association through generous donations was able to sponsor two midshipmen to attend the Notre Dame Leadership Conference in South Bend, Indiana.  MIDN 2/C Harris and MIDN 2/C Hargis came away with a wonderful learning experience and gave special thanks to alumni, John Stelly and Fritz Teuscher, who provided generous donations.    

From January 30 through February 2, 2020, the two midshipmen joined their peers from around the country.  They heard speakers from all walks of the military life and gained greater insights.  Impressive orators included, Captain Jonathan Duffy, DESRON 15; Vice Admiral Mary M. Jackson, USN SWO;  Major General Julian D. Alford, Commanding General for Marine Corps Installations East; Rear Admiral Kirk Foster, JAG; CMC Teri Zehnaker, CMC NS Mayport; Colonel Lawrence Dabeck , US Army Chaplin; and Admiral Robert Peter Burke, Vice Chief of Naval Operations.  The midshipmen found the conference to be an “opportunity for Midshipmen to step outside their classrooms and continue their training as leaders.”   The speeches emphasized the need to be adaptive problem solvers, empathic motivators, good communicators, life-long learners, and passionate honest people and patriots.