The Tulane Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was awarded the Department of Defense ROTC Partnership Excellence Award for the 2019 to 2020 academic year.  This award was presented on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at the Navy Building on Tulane’s main campus.  The DOD Award recognized the unit and university and their strong partnership that has enhanced the quality of training the next generation of military leaders have received.  President Fitts, Tulane University President; Captain Bowdich, Professor of Naval Science for Tulane NROTC;  and Rear Admiral Trinque, Assistant Commander for Career Management, Naval Personnel Command, were the guests of honor and each gave laudatory speeches.  President Fitts specifically recognized the great things that unit graduates go on to achieve whether the USMC Commandant, an astronaut, or a naval ensign who got an Antarctic Island named for him.  Captain Bowdich noted that the unit could not have been honored with this award without great students, faculty, and the tradition of previous leadership.  Rear Admiral Trinque, who is the unit’s Surface Warfare sponsor, was encouraging of everything the has been realized within the unit and with its activities, and looked forward to a bright future.  The DOD Award could not have been accomplished without the sustained collaboration, support, and superior performance of the Tulane University faculty and its leadership, the NROTC Unit and its leadership, and all of the alumni and its leadership.  The presentation ceremony was well attended by Association Board Members, alumni, midshipmen, Tulane University deans and members of the faculty, and government representatives.

The University sent this news brief to their audience.