85th Anniversary Luncheon

The TUNROTC 85th Anniversary Luncheon was held on Thursday, October 19, 2023 in the Navy Building on the campus of Tulane University.  The event was well attended by alumni, Tulane University guests, current midshipmen and Unit staff.  The Marine Forces Reserve Band Quintet provided music for the catered event.  

      Alumni Association President LtCol Tim Huete, USMC (ret) acted as emcee for the event.  He gave a brief history of the unit which was formed on June 1, 1938 and then kept the ball rolling as he introduced the guest speakers.  

     Captain Paul Bowdich, USN, Professor of Naval Science, Tulane NROTC, stressed the importance of service in the Navy.  He also stressed the importance of the Navy ROTC to Tulane citing the Department of Defense ROTC Partnership Excellence Award presented to the Unit for having a strong partnership with the university and the Unit’s long history. 

      Dr. Robin Forman, Provost, Tulane University expressed his sincere honor to be included at the luncheon.  He reiterated the importance of the unit to the history and helping to keep the university afloat.  He even mentioned the Navy Building as being important not just as the Unit home but as a historic building that housed a gym and a Dance Hall that once heard the likes of Louis Armstrong and Buddy Bolden play.  He credited the men and women who have studied in the unit as being good students, great leaders, and devoted to service of country and others.  

     The main speaker was Captain Bob Vince, USN (ret) (’83).  He was a Surface Warfare Officer and then moved in Ordnance Engineering specializing in Missile Systems.  He led the SSP’S Strategic Missile and Nuclear Weapons Security Branch.  After retiring, he served as the SecDef’s Director of Nuclear Deterrence & Strategic Arms Control policy and then as LLNL’s National Security Officer Director and is now an expert consultant.  He spoke of the importance of reading and knowing your world and of the inherent importance of the military, its weapons systems, and its people which should never be underestimated.  He said that he was continually surprised (although he should not have been) at how many times his time at Tulane and the people he met through Tulane would appear and bring him joy during his life, whether on ship, in a foreign country, or on Capitol Hill.  

     It was with that joie de vivre that the luncheon and the party dispersed to meet others and surprise people that Tulane and the NROTC has touched.  

Annual Meeting and Social

The TUNROTC Alumni Association held its Annual General Meeting on Friday, October 20, 2023 in the Navy Building.  Presentations by Association President LtCol Tim Huete, USMC (ret) and PNS Capt Paul Bowdich were followed by a Social. 

The business of the annual meeting was carried out with the Treasurer’s report of association solvency, the election of a new slate of the Board of Directors, and the President’s presentation of the association mission and activities.  Activities highlighted for the past year included awards and scholarship, positive liaison with the Unit and Tulane University staff, continued interaction with the alumni, and a great celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the Unit.  Captain Bowdich covered the workings of the unit, midshipmen and staff comings and goings, and events that have and will occur this year.  Of particular mention, were the JROTC Drill Meet and the Mardi Gras Drill Meet, the Tulane Book Fest and hosting the military book discussions in the Navy Building, the addition of SUNO as a crosstown school, and to watch for the unit Color Guard at Tulane, Saints, and Pelican games.  

     The catered social that followed was enjoyed by all attendees.  The Class of 1983 had a fun group in attendance.  Captain Bob Vince, USN(ret) (’83) was the speaker at the 85th Anniversary Luncheon the previous day.  The Annual Meeting which was well attended corresponds with Tulane Homecoming weekend and thus many alumni make it to campus to reunite and reminisce with classmates.