Mission Statement 

The Tulane NROTC Alumni Association is a non-profit charitable and educational organization whose purpose is to build, promote, support, and sustain direct symbiotic relationships among NROTC Alumni, current midshipmen and their families, assigned staff personnel, Tulane University, the United States Navy, and the United States Marine Corps. All current and former Tulane Midshipmen and unit staff are eligible for membership with those remitting annual or lifetime dues enjoying voting privileges within the Association. 

The major goals of the Association are to: 

– Sponsor and endow scholarships, provide financial aid for deserving midshipmen, and provide assistance and support to the Professor of Naval Science in selection of midshipmen for scholarship awards 

– Sponsor awards and participate in the recognition of highly performing midshipmen 

– Help sponsor social and recreational events that allow interaction and fellowship among association members, midshipmen, and unit staff personnel. 

– Publish a newsletter to inform Association members of unit activities and midshipmen of Association endeavors 

– Stage reunions that bring together alumni and current midshipmen for purposes of camaraderie and mentoring 

– Participate in a speaker’s bureau to assist with recruiting and educating prospective midshipmen 

– Fund needed improvements and equipment, not otherwise provided, for use by unit midshipmen 

– Document the history of the Tulane NROTC unit and historical and archival records of the naval careers and service of former midshipmen to inspire navy traditions among current midshipmen 

– Advocate the continuance of the NROTC program at Tulane University 

– Honor those former midshipmen who died while on active duty 

-Secure sufficient resources, leadership, and dedication to successfully manage and continually accomplish Association mission and goals

Rev 1.2 Sep 2015

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