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DD 945: WESTPAC on the Gunline


Lt. John F Pearce Upon graduation, assigned to USS Hull DD945 which was in the Long Beach shipyard. After the refitting, ship moved to home port San Diego. Since so many of the crew were new, the ship went through pre-deployment trials. Lots of training and learning before departing for WESTPAC. The deployment began in March 1971. After the usual refueling stops in Hawaii, Midway and Guam, we arrived Subic Bay, Philippines about 3 weeks after departing San Diego. Like most deployed destroyers, we spent about half the time on the [...]

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OIC Seabee Team 7411


James (Jim) M. Walley Jr. Rear Admiral, CEC, USN (Retired) 1st tour RVN 11/1970-7/71.  Initially assigned as to Head Quarters Company and performed administrative and operations duties as directed.  Served TAD assignments in Nam Cam, Cho Moi and Da Nang focused on constructing military facilities such as expeditionary runways, petroleum storage facilities, river marine facilities and troupe bed-down/dining facilities.  Second Tour RVN 12/1971-6/1972 as OIC Seabee Team 7411 (13-person Civic Action Team) building of military/civilian facilities such as schools, roads, bridges and other projects aimed at improving relationships with civilians and [...]

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USMC: Artillery Fire Direction Officer


 1st Lt. Ross E Bailey After Basic School, in December of ’65, I was assigned to Field Artillery Officers Basic Course in Ft. Sill, graduating in April of ’66.  I arrived in Da Nang in mid-May and was assigned to Apha Battery, 1st Bn, 12th Marines.  As the only FAOBC trained junior office in the battery, rather than the usual first assignment as a forward observer, I was assigned as Fire Direction Officer. […]

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Lt CDR Thelmon S Stallings – Class of 1965


June 15, 1978 In 1978 LCDR Stallings was an instructor with VT-124. While riding backseat in an F-14 on a familiarization hop crashed while in the landing pattern.

Lt CDR Thelmon S Stallings – Class of 19652019-05-11T10:48:43-05:00

USMC: Combined Action Program


Major William Lannes, III I was assigned as the Operations Officer for a Combined Action Group. The basic unit was a Combined Action Platoon (CAP) which consisted of a squad of Marines (and a Corpsman) and a Popular Forces Vietnamese platoon (Popper Foxtrots). These PFs were the lowest level of Vietnamese military and they received half the pay of a regular infantry soldier in VN. However they were assigned to protect the villages in which they lived which provided some motivation. […]

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Swift Boat: River Patrol


Captain Warren Hudson USN (ret) “I was OinC of Swift 70. On Nov 6, 1968 we were shooting at bunkers on the south side of Cape Batanga. We were ambushed by on 75 mm recoiless rifle and several automatic weapons. One crewman was killed and a USMC rider was blown overboard and never recovered. Two crewman and I were wounded. The photo is from that day. I’m the guy with my back to the lifelines without a shirt getting one of the two morphine shots that morning. The photo shows a [...]

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USMC: Infantry and Force Recon


Captain Michael Henry 1st Reconnaissance Company 1st tour RVN 1966-1967. Initially assigned as a Communications/Crypto Officer at HQ 3rd MARDIV. Re-assigned as Communications Officer 1st Force Recon, due to requirement for Parachute Qualified officers. Designated as Platoon Leader/Team Leader 1st Platoon, 1st Force Recon. Participated in 3 major operations and led 16 long range patrols into NVA/VC controlled areas. WIA June 1967. […]

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NFO: Electronic Counter Measures


After I was commissioned on the Quarter Deck at the NROTC Unit I headed to Quantico for TBS. TBS was only 5 months back then due to the war. Was selected for NFO training and headed to Pensacola for Flight School. In Flight School was second in my NFO class and was able to be assigned to training as an Airborne Electronic Countermeasures Officer (ECMO). Training was by the Air Force at Mather Air Force Base where all Air Force and Marine Electronic Warfare Officers were trained. From there headed to MCAS Cherry Point and was assigned to VMCJ-2. Back [...]

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Lt CMDR Jack Wintle – Staff 1940


November 14, 1942 Lieutenant Commander Jack W. Wintle was killed in action near the Solomon Islands November 14, 1942. Commander Wintle came to Tulane University in the summer of 1940 as one of the first officers at Tulane's Naval ROTC unit. During his two years at Tulane he gained the respect and admiration of the staff and Midshipmen as well as the faculty and student body of the University. A 1932 graduate of the US Naval Academy, Wintle served on the USS California, the USS Bushnell and the USS Perkins before returning to the Academy for post graduate [...]

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Alumni Association Support for Midshipman


Association members continue to provide financial support to our Midshipman Battalion. To date in 2019 the association and individual members have anted up to fund: Extensive renovation of the Wardroom. Air travel, admission fees and lodging for two Midshipman to attend the annual Notre Dame Naval Leadership Weekend. Tulane Naval ROTC workout gear in USMC and USN versions. ....other?? ...insert more can be done language with specifics and how to donate.

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