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Read about the Flag Officers and General Officers who graduated from the Tulane Naval ROTC Unit and their achievements.

If you are a Flag Officer or General Officer and wish to submit biographical material or know of other Flag Officers from Tulane Naval ROTC not listed on our website, please contact us.

Richard P. Snyder – Class of 1983

Naval Inspector General Vice Adm. Rick Snyder is an honor graduate of Tulane University, with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Upon graduation, he was commissioned in the Navy through Tulane Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. In November 1984, Snyder was designated a Naval Aviator. [...]

Roger R. Machut – Class of 1982

Commanding General, 4th Marine Logistics Group Brigadier General Machut is currently serving as the Commanding General, 4th Marine Logistics Group, Marine Forces Reserve. Brigadier General Machut was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Upon receiving a Naval ROTC Scholarship, Brigadier General Machut attended Tulane University in New [...]

David H. Berger – Class of 1981

Commander U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Lieutenant General Berger was commissioned as an infantry officer in 1981 following graduation from Tulane University. As a Lieutenant and Captain, he served as platoon commander in 1st Marine Division, and later as company commander and Battalion Operations Officer in [...]

James W. Stevenson, Jr. – Class of 1976

RADM James W. Stevenson, Jr., USN (Ret.) A native of Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Rear Admiral Stevenson graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in political science in May of 1976. He was commissioned as an Ensign through the Naval [...]

James B. Godwin, III – Class of 1973

RADM James B. Godwin, III., USN (Ret.) Rear Admiral (retired) James Basil Godwin Ill transitioned from the United States Navy in 2006 after 33 years of service, which included extensive experience in critical program and fiscal management, systems integration, problem solving and successful program delivery in the [...]

James M. Walley – Class of 1970

RADM James M. Walley, Jr., CEC, USNR (Ret.) RADM Walley was born in Orange County, California and raised in a Marine Corps aviation family environment. He graduated from Tulane University (1970) with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and concurrently received a commission in the Civil [...]

Noah H. Long, Jr. – Class of 1965

RADM Noah H. Long, Jr., CEC, USNR (Ret.) Rear Admiral Noah H. Long, Jr. received his commission in the Civil Engineer Corps in July, 1965 from Navy ROTC at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He served [...]

Eric A. McVadon, Jr. – Class of 1958

Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.) Biographical Events: Earned Wings in 1960; Served in various ships and squadrons; Attended Naval Postgraduate School; Served on Navy Staff; Attended Navy & Nat'l War Colleges 1960-77; Commanded VP-40 1975; Served in Office of SecDef 1977; Served in Office of Chairman JCS [...]

Thomas G. Lilly – Class of 1955

Supply Corps, United States Navy, (Retired) RADM Lilly was born in Belzoni, MS. In 1955, he received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Tulane and his commission in the Supply Corps, USN. He obtained his LL.B. degree in 1960 and J.D. degree in 1968 from [...]

Charles H. Mayfield – Class of 1947

Rear Admiral, Supply Corps, USN (Ret.) Admiral Mayfield enlisted in the Navy in 1942, became a radioman first class and participated in several South Pacific invasions. He was selected for officer training in the Navy’s V-12 program at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette and returned [...]

Reuben Goodwin Rogerson – Class of 1945

Rear Admiral RADM Reuben Goodwin Rogerson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and entered the Navy in the fall of 1942 through the Naval ROTC Program at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. His first assignment upon being commissioned an Ensign was with the Staff, Commander Seventh Fleet. He remained in [...]

Otto Douglas Schumann – Class of 1944

Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.) RADM Schumann was commissioned from the Tulane NROTC Unit in 1944. He was a native of New Orleans but settled in his later years in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He achieved the rank of Rear Admiral in the reserves. For more information on [...]

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