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Thomas Early (PNS 1993- 1994)

1942 – 2020

On Monday, November 2, 2020, Colonel Thomas Michael Early, USMC, (ret.), loving husband of Marie and father of Patrick and Kathleen, passed away after a long illness at the age of 78.

Throughout his long distinguished career in the Marine Corps, he earned 3 Legions of Merit, a Bronze Star with Combat V, a Purple Heart, and numerous other citations. He served with distinction in Vietnam as a company commander with the 3rd Battalion, 26th Marines. Following his retirement from the Marine Corps, he led a JROTC program, taught high school science, and was the director of the Virginia Commonwealth Challenge program.

Thomas is survived by his wife of fifty-four years, Marie, his two children, Patrick (Karina) and Kathleen, and three grandchildren, Liam, Meghan, and Mikayla.

Col Early was the Professor of Naval Science for the Tulane Naval ROTC from 1993-1994.

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Professors of Naval Science

YearsProfessor of Naval Science
1939-40Captain Walden Lee Ainsworth USN
1941Captain James Mackney Lewis USN
1942Commander Thomas B Brittain USN
1943-45Captain Forrest U. Lake USN
1946-June 51Captain Harry Douglas Power USN
Summer 1951-53Captain Edward T. Eves USN
1954-55Captain C.E. Cortner USN
1956-58Captain Edward T. Eves USN
1959-62Captain R. V. Gregory USN
1963-66Colonel Robert W. L. Bross USMC
1967-68Captain Harry Howard deLaureal USN
1969-73Captain Ernest E. Wilson USN
1974-76Captain Herman C. Abelein USN
1977-79Colonel T. L. Morgan USMC
1980-82Colonel W. S. Pullar USMC
1983-84Colonel R. K. Young USMC
1985-87Captain Gary W. Werenskjold USN
1988-90Colonel James T. Sehulster USMC
1991-92Captain Warren P. Hudson USN
1993-94Colonel Thomas M. Early USMC
1995-98Colonel S. J. Labadie USMC
1999-2001Captain R. E. Davis USN
2002-2003Captain J. N. Stafford USN
2004-2007Captain J. J. Morrow USN
2008-2011Captain C. T. Price USN
2012-14Captain Anthony P. Chatham USN
2015-18Captain Patrick N. Huete USN
2019-21Captain Daniel J. Senesky USN
Summer 2021Captain Paul D. Bowdich USN
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