Lt CMDR Jack Wintle – Staff 1940


November 14, 1942 Lieutenant Commander Jack W. Wintle was killed in action near the Solomon Islands November 14, 1942. Commander Wintle came to Tulane University in the summer of 1940 as one of the first officers at Tulane's Naval ROTC unit. During his two years at Tulane he gained the respect and admiration of the staff and Midshipmen as well as the faculty and student body of the University. A 1932 graduate of the US Naval Academy, Wintle served on the USS California, the USS Bushnell and the USS Perkins before returning to the Academy for post graduate [...]

Lt CMDR Jack Wintle – Staff 19402022-08-31T07:23:41-05:00

Ensign Albert Babcock McCoard Jr. – Class of 1942


July 10, 1943 Ensign Albert B McCoard, Jr.  was commissioned with his Tulane Naval ROTC class in May of 1942. Ensign McCoard proceeded to assignment on the USS Maddox (DD-622). Maddox was commissioned in October, 1942 and proceeded to convoy escort duty in the Atlantic. July 10, 1943 Maddox was on submarine patrol off Sicily during the initial Allied amphibious invasion. A single German bomber scored a hit on Maddox's ammunition magazine. The catastrophic damage caused Maddox to roll and sink within two minutes. Less than one half of the crew survived. Ensign McCoard was among those who [...]

Ensign Albert Babcock McCoard Jr. – Class of 19422019-04-08T11:17:01-05:00

Ensign Herbert J McCampbell Jr. – Class of 1942


August 9, 1942 Ensign Herbert J Campbell Jr. was commissioned with his Tulane Naval ROTC class in May of 1942. Ensign McCampbell became the our first alumni casualty. The USS Vincennes provide pre-landing bombardment while US Marines landed on Guadalcanal of August 7, 1942. Very early in the morning of August 9, Vincennes came under fire from a larger group of Japanese vessels in a naval engagement known as the Battle of Savo Island. Vincennes was hit by multiple torpedos and 5 inch shells. At 02:30 the order was given to abandon ship. At 02:50 the Vincennes rolled [...]

Ensign Herbert J McCampbell Jr. – Class of 19422019-04-08T10:52:37-05:00

Fred A Skellie Jr. – Class of 1942


Fred A. Skellie, Jr., 92, passed away March 3 at home in Decatur, GA, with his devoted wife of 70 years, Lucille, by his side. Born in Cuevas, MS, he enjoyed childhood with his seven siblings on the Gulf Coast in Long Beach, MS, where he graduated from Long Beach High School in 1938. In 1942, he graduated from Tulane University with a degree in economics. While attending Tulane, he was a member of the Naval ROTC. After marrying Lucille McPherson, Fred served in WWII as a lieutenant and navigator aboard the destroyer USS Rodman. One of the ship's first duties was escorting [...]

Fred A Skellie Jr. – Class of 19422019-03-03T18:58:16-06:00

Conrad Meyer III – Class of 1942


Personal Data Conrad Meyer III, USN Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942 Commissioned June 1942 Louisiana Native Historical Events World War II, Pacific Theater Assignments / Engagements Commissioned upon graduation in June 1942. Served aboard USS Monssen (DD 436) as a gunnery officer. During Mr. Meyer's service aboard Monssen, and within months following his commissioning, the Monssen was operating in the Pacific Theater, spending 3 months in the area of Guadalcanal and Tulagi, supporting the US Navy's giant amphibious landing.  During its course, in the Battle of Savo Island, three US heavy cruisers and one allied cruiser were lost. [...]

Conrad Meyer III – Class of 19422019-10-10T14:35:08-05:00

Spalding Kenan Manson, JR – Class of 1942


Personal Data Spalding Kenan Manson, JR, LT, USN Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942 BS Civil Engineering Commissioned 1942 Historical Events World War II, Atlantic and Pacific Theaters Assignments / Engagements Atlantic Theater: USS TEXAS, BB 35, gunnery junior officer in turret #1. Escort convoys to Freetown, Sierra Leone and Prestwick, Scotland. Assigned to admiral's staff (Commander Battleships Atlantic Fleet - COMBATLANT) as a decoder – Admiral’s staff embarked in USS TEXAS; Escort convoy to Casablanca to reinforce Gen. George Patton;  First amphibious invasion. Transfer with admiral's staff to USS SOUTH DAKOTA, BB 57; Deploy with British Fleet, to [...]

Spalding Kenan Manson, JR – Class of 19422019-10-10T14:35:30-05:00

Ernest P. Johnson, JR


Personal Data Ernest P. Johnson, JR, CAPT USN (Ret) Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942 Commissioned 1942 Louisiana Native Historical Events WW II Assignments / Engagements Started active duty in 1942  on the USS Portland along with two other Tulane midshipmen. November 1944 promoted to Lt Junior Grade, was a division officer then an assistant gunnery officer, and later sent to support the 24th regiment in 1945 land invasion with marines. Battle of Salvo Island on 20 October 1945. Embarked on the USS Oakland anti air-craft vessel. Protected carrier enterprise from aerial attack during 5 engagements. On USS Portland [...]

Ernest P. Johnson, JR2019-10-10T14:35:53-05:00

W. Scott Howson, Jr. – Class of 1942


Personal Data Howson, Jr., W. Scott US Naval Reserve Tulane NROTC, Tulane University (1st ROTC Class) Class of 1942 Historical Events World War II Atlantic Theater and South Pacific Theater Assignments / Engagements USS Wyoming, BB 32, Gunnery Training Virginia Beach, Fire-fighting School USS Ericson, DD 440, Assistant Communication Officer, Assistant 1st Lieutenant in charge of hull, Machine Gun Officer Convoy Escort from US to Gibraltar through October 1942 OPERATION TORCH USS Ericson transferred to British control to support operations at Anzio OPERATION OVERLORD, participated as a landing craft deployment vessel USS Currier, DE-700, Assistant Executive Officer Participated in [...]

W. Scott Howson, Jr. – Class of 19422019-02-10T22:11:33-06:00

William Goldman – Class of 1942


Personal Data William S. Goldman Retired Lieutenant Commander Tulane NROTC Class of 1942 BS Civil Engineering Tulane University Historical Events WWII, Battle of Mid-Way WWII, Invasion of Guadalcanal WWII, Battle of Santa Cruz Assignments / Engagements Battle of Mid-Way ship was damaged and had to be taken to Pearl Harbor to get repaired Was hit by 3 Japanese torpedoes on the starboard side of the ship in the Battle of Santa Cruz; was working in the damage control station Became a part of the Task Force 65 which was composed of all different types of ships Transfer to new [...]

William Goldman – Class of 19422019-02-10T22:11:50-06:00

John Francis Latham – Class of 1942


1921 - 2012 John Francis Latham, a native of New Orleans, passed away peacefully on May 9, 2012 at the age of 91. He was the beloved husband of the late Audrey Daniel Latham for over 59 years. He is survived by his children: David M. Latham (Jeanine), Susan L. Andres (Paul), Nancy L. Collens (Tom), William B. Latham, and Mark D. Latham (Raye); and was preceded in death by his son, John F. Latham, Jr. He is also survived by his loving grandchildren: Lauren and Michael Latham, Sarah and Kathryn Andres, Connie Wildhaber (James), Jennifer Latham, [...]

John Francis Latham – Class of 19422019-02-10T21:19:12-06:00

Spalding Kenan Manson, Jr. – Class of 1942


1922 - 2010 Spalding Kenan Manson, Jr., former owner and president of The Stone Center, Inc. and Manson Marble and Granite Co., Inc. died Wednesday evening, November 24, 2010, of Multiple Myeloma with complications from congestive heart failure. He was born in Florida in 1922, and moved to New Orleans shortly after, finally settling into his Metairie home in 1951. A civil engineer graduate from Tulane University, and its first Naval ROTC class in 1942, he served aboard battleships in the U.S. Navy for over three years: one year on the USS Texas in the Atlantic; two years on the USS South Dakota, mostly in [...]

Spalding Kenan Manson, Jr. – Class of 19422019-02-10T21:19:23-06:00

St Marc Flotte – Class of 1942


Personal Data Native of New Orleans Graduated Jesuit High School Tulane Class of 1942, College of Commerce, Beta Gama Sigma USMC Assignments / Engagements New Orleans Airport: Elimination-Based (E-Base) training. Member of Black Wing.  Responsible for construction of new air base.  Passed through E-base with 4 hours solo time—6 short of normal requirements. Corpus Christi, TX; Flight Training: Successfully complete ground school and flight training at Corpus Christi.  Received Commission in 1941.  Saw Marines were going to be flying B-26s, and applied.  Marine Corps eventually scrapped program.  Made Marine Naval Aviators instructors.  Transferred from Corpus to Dallas, TX. Dallas, TX; [...]

St Marc Flotte – Class of 19422019-02-10T22:12:07-06:00
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