Norris LaDew Fant (1944)


1924 - 2023 Norris LaDew Fant departed for the next Big Adventure on April 24, 2023 at age 99. He was preceded in death by his father and mother: Arlington Pope and Ruth Fitz-Gibbon Fant; by his three brothers: Arlington Pope, Jr., William Foster, and Donald Fitz-Gibbon Fant; by his oldest son Stephen Norris Fant (Lynda); and by his wonderful wife of 70 years: Daisy Lucille Barbre Fant. He is succeeded by two outstanding children: Katherine Ruth Fant Mulloy (Edward), and Donald Fitz-Gibbon Fant (Andrée), and three brilliant grandchildren: Stephen Marshall, Preston Lafaye, and Elise Lavie [...]

Norris LaDew Fant (1944)2023-07-24T08:11:28-05:00

Charles L. Eshleman – Class of 1945


1925 - 2021 Charles Leverich Eshleman, Jr., son of the late Charles Leverich Eshleman, MD and Anais Legendre Eshleman, died on February 25, 2021. He was 96 years old. He was preceded in death by his loving wife of 69 years, Helen Eileen Turner Eshleman and his sisters, Anais Eshleman Bezou and Kathleen Eshleman Maginnis. He is survived by his two children, Helen Eileen Eshleman Stewart (Parker) and Charles Leverich Eshleman, III (Helen). He is also survived by five grandchildren, Virginia Stewart Evans (Ryan), William Parker Stewart, Jr., (Laine), Charles Eshleman Stewart, Charles Robert Eshleman (Logan McClellan), Katherine Eshleman [...]

Charles L. Eshleman – Class of 19452021-05-03T05:15:32-05:00

Edwin S. Wright – Class of 1944


Personal Data Edwin S. Wright, USN (Ret) Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944 BS Civil Engineering, Southern Methodist University Commissioned February 1944 at 20 years old. Historical Events World War II, Pacific Theater Korean War Assignments / Engagements Amphibious training in Norfolk, Virginia Invasion at Mindoro. Invasion at Okinawa Gunnery Officer on LST 578 Skipper of LCI 446 Skipper of LST 666 Leyte Gulf Operation He was recalled in 1950 for two years of duty during the Korean War. Eight years active duty, Twenty-six years Naval reserve, retired 1976. Other Notable Content Witnessed the USS Mt. Hood blow up [...]

Edwin S. Wright – Class of 19442019-10-21T10:32:39-05:00

Conrad Meyer III – Class of 1942


Personal Data Conrad Meyer III, USN Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942 Commissioned June 1942 Louisiana Native Historical Events World War II, Pacific Theater Assignments / Engagements Commissioned upon graduation in June 1942. Served aboard USS Monssen (DD 436) as a gunnery officer. During Mr. Meyer's service aboard Monssen, and within months following his commissioning, the Monssen was operating in the Pacific Theater, spending 3 months in the area of Guadalcanal and Tulagi, supporting the US Navy's giant amphibious landing.  During its course, in the Battle of Savo Island, three US heavy cruisers and one allied cruiser were lost. [...]

Conrad Meyer III – Class of 19422019-10-10T14:35:08-05:00

James L. Mcconnell – Class of 1944


Personal DataJames L. Mcconnell, USNTulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944BS in Geology from Tulane University, 1948Commissioned 1942Historical EventsWorld War IIAssignments / EngagementsAtlantic Theater:Was assigned to a ship in the north Atlantic whose mission was mine sweeping but was there for only two months.Went to Miami anti-sub school to learn how to use sonar for two months.Then was moved to Key West to instruct other officers on submarine warfare if the attack came to the States.Next he was stationed to Columbia University to teach Midshipmen about Navigation for a year and did not enjoy it.Pacific Theater:He tried to apply for submarine [...]

James L. Mcconnell – Class of 19442019-10-10T14:35:20-05:00

Spalding Kenan Manson, JR – Class of 1942


Personal Data Spalding Kenan Manson, JR, LT, USN Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942 BS Civil Engineering Commissioned 1942 Historical Events World War II, Atlantic and Pacific Theaters Assignments / Engagements Atlantic Theater: USS TEXAS, BB 35, gunnery junior officer in turret #1. Escort convoys to Freetown, Sierra Leone and Prestwick, Scotland. Assigned to admiral's staff (Commander Battleships Atlantic Fleet - COMBATLANT) as a decoder – Admiral’s staff embarked in USS TEXAS; Escort convoy to Casablanca to reinforce Gen. George Patton;  First amphibious invasion. Transfer with admiral's staff to USS SOUTH DAKOTA, BB 57; Deploy with British Fleet, to [...]

Spalding Kenan Manson, JR – Class of 19422019-10-10T14:35:30-05:00

Ernest P. Johnson, JR


Personal Data Ernest P. Johnson, JR, CAPT USN (Ret) Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1942 Commissioned 1942 Louisiana Native Historical Events WW II Assignments / Engagements Started active duty in 1942  on the USS Portland along with two other Tulane midshipmen. November 1944 promoted to Lt Junior Grade, was a division officer then an assistant gunnery officer, and later sent to support the 24th regiment in 1945 land invasion with marines. Battle of Salvo Island on 20 October 1945. Embarked on the USS Oakland anti air-craft vessel. Protected carrier enterprise from aerial attack during 5 engagements. On USS Portland [...]

Ernest P. Johnson, JR2019-10-10T14:35:53-05:00

Charles W. Frank – Class of 1943


Personal Data Charles W. Frank, JR, CAPT USN (Ret) Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1943 BS Chemical Engineering Commissioned 1943 Historical Events WWII Southwest Pacific Theater Assignments / Engagements USS New Jersey, BB 62, DEVG (Deck or Engineering Volunteer General) First engagement was Operation Flintlock in the Marshall Islands Sent to take the Marianas Islands, 1st of 9 total career campaigns Assigned to Admiral Halsey’s Staff as a Barge Officer First junior officer to be given command of a division, and among the youngest group of Naval Reserve Officers to achieve the rank of Captain Landed in Japan with [...]

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Arthur W. Foss, Jr. – Class of 1944


Personal Data Arthur W. Foss, JR CDR, USN (Ret) Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944 BS Chemistry Commissioned 1984 Louisiana Native Historical Events WW II Pacific Theater Korean War Homefront Assignments / Engagements Pacific Theater WWII Joined NROTC unit at age of 16. Enlisted in February 1942 at the age of 17. Went to an accelerated officer-training program in 1943. Eventually commissioned three days after the Tulane NROTC seniors to give them seniority. As a 19 year old 1st LT, he went to school for two weeks to learn the basics of the job and then was assigned to [...]

Arthur W. Foss, Jr. – Class of 19442019-10-21T10:35:34-05:00

Norris L. Fant – Class of 1944


Personal Data Norris L. Fant, LCDR Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1944 BS Engineering Commissioned February 1944 Louisiana Native Historical Events World War II Short Atlantic Theater Involvement Assignments / Engagements Commanding Officer of OCIL-1033 Helped move Chinese Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan Active duty for 2.5 years; Received a satisfactory service completion before retirement for 26 year commitment Hauled a regimental combat team to Legaspi, Luzon, Philippines Involved in two operations in 1945 to help land troops in Asian regions Worked for General Douglas MacArthur Did navigation for his ship; forte was ship handling Other Notable Content [...]

Norris L. Fant – Class of 19442019-10-10T14:36:25-05:00

Albert “Gus” Caire – Class of 1943


Personal Data Albert "Gus" Caire Tulane Naval ROTC Class of 1943 Commissioned 1943 Historical Events World War II Pacific and Philippine Typhoon Assignments / Engagements Assigned to the USS EVENS DD-552 1943-1945 roughly a 2 year deployment. Went to Anti Submarine School and Radar School, although he feels most of his training was from being switched around on jobs on ship. Worked with SECNAV briefly. Other Notable Content During the Battle of the Marianas recovered American pilots, manned guns, directed his gun crew, and warded off submarines.  During the battle his ship was most effective at anti aircraft and [...]

Albert “Gus” Caire – Class of 19432019-10-10T14:36:34-05:00
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